Practical desk headphone stand for home and professional use with RGB rainbow color flow backlight and two USB 2.0 ports.
Not only every music lover will appreciate it, but every computer game player. The stand has a button for changing the color mode and a switch for turning the LED backlight on and off. Thanks to the stand, you will always find your favorite headphones in the same place.

Suitable for most headphones
Stable base
4 anti-slip silicone pads for maximum stability on the table
The upper part is made of soft plastic to protect the headband of the headphones from scratches
Height 29,5 cm ideal for any headphones
2x USB-A ports with a transfer rate of 480 Mbps
RGB color flow backlight
LED Breathing color effect with 7 color change (red / green / blue / cyan / yellow / purple / white)
Possibility to set individual colors (green / blue / pink / light green)
Button to change the color backlight
Backlight on / off switch
Cord Length: 150 cm
Connector: USB-A 2.0
Dimensions: 12 x 15,5 x 29,5 cm
Weight: 412 g including cable
Black colour
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