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Are you ready to use our program for schoolswhere you can get discounts up to 50% on equipment compared to current prices? We care about the education of the next generation and we want to treat all schoolchildren and students quality equipment and aids at a fair price.

We are also willing to help school staff who are in charge of purchasing equipment as much as possible. We cut all bureaucracy and vice versa, we are ready to hear yours Special requests (maturity and form of invoices, public contracts and tenders or mere demand).
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Why order equipment from us?

  icon1.pngPersonal approach
We will be happy to listen to every request or your wish and work to fulfill it. Our salesmen are here for you every day and are happy to hurry to answer any question.
  icon2.pngPossibility of testing for selected subjects
Do you want to test and try selected aids on your own skin before ordering them for the whole school? We are counting on it and it will not be a problem.
And you can return the purchased goods within 14 days without giving a reason.
  icon3.pngFavorable prices directly to measure
In our school program we have special price lists for pedagogical facilities, thanks to which you can get to prices that you will not find anywhere else on the market.
  icon4.pngPayment according to you
We will accommodate special requests regarding the distribution or validity of invoices and other wishes.
   icon5.pngNext day delivery
When ordering before 17:00, your students can enjoy the new equipment the next morning.

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 An alternative is to write an at shop or call +420 734 777 444.

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