Universal headphone holder under the table top

Universal headphone holder under the table top for use at home, in the office or in recording studios.
Always have your headphones handy with a practical holder made of ultralight aviation aluminum alloy. Allows you to hang large headsets and smaller wired headphones in your ears. Double mounting option - using a 3M double-sided sticker or using two screws in the bottom of the table top. Double-sided Cable Management against tangling of the supply cable.

Universal construction suitable for:
- 2 large wired and wireless headphones
- 2 wired in-ear headphones (in-ear construction)
- or a combination of 1 headset and 1 in-ear headset
Attachment of the headphones by hanging on one of the two sides of the T-structure
Attachment of wire in-ear models to one of the two side slotted joints
For hanging up to 2 headphones, including the power cable
Double-sided Cable Management for hanging the cable against tangling
Ultralight construction made of aviation aluminum
Mounting on the underside of the table top
Three mounting options:
- using double-sided highly adhesive 3M adhesive tape
- with 2 screws (included)
- extra stable and robust attachment with a combination of 3M stickers and screws
Black anodized, scratch-resistant surface
Load capacity max. 5 kg (when combining mounting with 3M sticker and screws)
Dimensions (w × h × d): 10 × 4,5 x 2,7 cm
Weight: g 50
Black colour
Double-sided 3M sticker
Mounting screws (2 pcs)

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