Car Charger

The first car charger that can save lives
He can break a window and cut seat belts in an emergency

Charge, break, save!
Vertical mouse

Do you know that ...

... do you spend about a third of your life at work?
... you drive a mouse in a day and a half kilometer? 
... carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly caused by chronic wrist overload? And you don't want that.

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Vertical mouse
NEO gaming line
The perfect combo game set!
  • Professional gaming mouse for computer game players
  • Professional gaming headphones with tilting microphone NEO with backlight for computer game players
  • Gaming keyboard wired, dynamic backlight, Czech key localization, USB
Try the magic of this perfect threesome and fall in love with the new products!
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NEO gaming line

Connect IT

Connection with technology
And anywhere.

CONNECT IT is based on the best possible price-performance ratio, ie that the price corresponds to the actual value of the product. Equally important is practicality, reliability and durability. CONNECT IT products undergo thorough testing throughout the production process. Before being offered to customers, they undergo final pre-sales tests in the Czech Republic and Germany. Modern technologies are evolving very fast and are becoming a larger and integral part of our lives. Equipment requirements are increasing in proportion to this development and the needs of users are deepening. CONNECT IT will continue to connect people with technology and look for a way to a simpler and more efficient solution.

We have already sold over 5 million pieces of our products, but we are heading higher!
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