Principles of processing and protection of personal data

These principles for the processing and protection of personal data ("Principles“) Represent the basic principles by which IT TRADE, as, Štěrboholská 184/28, 102 00 Prague 10, ID: 27390411("SOCIETY“) Manages in the collection and processing of personal data. This Policy implements the rights and obligations of the Company arising in particular from the following generally binding legal regulations:
  1. Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (GDPR");
  2. Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services and on the Amendment of Certain Acts (Act on Certain Information Society Services), as amended (“Act on Certain Information Society Services“); and
  3. Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on Electronic Communications and on the Amendment of Certain Related Acts (the Electronic Communications Act), as amended (“Electronic Communications Act").

This Policy applies to all persons visiting the Company's website ("Webove stránky“), Regardless of whether they are in a contractual relationship with the Company or not.

What is personal data

According to the GDPR, personal data means all information about a designated or identifiable natural person (not a legal person). In principle, therefore, any information which, either alone or in combination with other information, may be used to identify a specific natural person ("Personal data").

What personal data does the company process?

The Company may collect the following Personal Information about you:
  1. Personal information that you provide to the Company yourself
Such Personal Data is, in particular, data that you provide in a completed registration, order or other form, or that you communicate to the Company via e-mail, telephone, fax or other similar device. You can also provide personal information to the Company [during competitions], [by entering a product or service review], [by booking a training place] whether [by sending a general question]. These are, in particular, name, surname, correspondence address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account details, details of the chosen payment method, etc.
The above Personal Data will be processed by the Company for the purpose of:
  1. providing the service, product or information you are interested in;
  2. if you are an existing customer also to provide information about other services or products similar to those that were the subject of your previous purchase;
  3. if you are a new customer, the Company will send you business messages and offers of products and services only if you have given your express explicit consent to the Company;
  4. assessment and evaluation of your job application.
  1. Personal data that the Company collects about itself

When you visit our Website, the Company may collect certain information necessary to ensure the proper and convenient operation of the Website. Such information includes Internet Protocol (IP) information associated with connecting your computer to the Internet, your registration information, browser type and version, time zone settings, browser plug-ins, information about your visit, including a valid Uniform Resource Locator (URL). , path to and from the Website (including date and time), products you have viewed or searched for, response times, download errors, length of visits to specific sites, information on interaction when visiting sites (such as scrolling, clicking and mouse placement), or way to leave the page.
The Company uses this personal information to manage and improve the Website and for the purpose of ensuring internal operations, including problem solving, data analysis, testing, research, statistical purposes and recording the frequency of previews. This Personal Information may also be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising and to provide relevant advertising.

Provision of personal data

Personal data that the Company obtains about you may be transferred [within the [●] group, ie the Company's related parties;] and third parties (“Processors“), Which help the Company to fulfill its contractual obligations by arranging certain services (eg delivery of a service). The Company transfers Personal Data only to those Processors who provide guarantees of a sufficient level of security for your Personal Data and process this Personal Data exclusively on the basis of a personal data processing agreement.
In this sense, the Company may transfer Personal Data to the following Processors:


  1. external collaborators and suppliers in order to fulfill the Company's contractual obligation;
  2. payment service providers and payment processors in order to ensure the transfer of funds and the execution of payment transactions;
  3. postal and delivery service providers for the purpose of delivering products or services offered by the Company;
  4. Website Administrators.

In certain circumstances, the Company may be required to provide your Personal Data to third parties (eg law enforcement authorities) in accordance with generally binding legal regulations.

Means of personal data protection

In order to protect and minimize the risk of unauthorized access to Personal Data, the Company has taken organizational and technical measures.
These measures include:
  1. organizational restrictions narrowing the circle of persons authorized to come into contact with Personal Data; and
  2. technical security of the Company's servers and Websites against unauthorized manipulation.
Persons who come into contact with Personal Data are informed of the principles of personal data protection and are bound by confidentiality during their processing.  

Duration of retention of Personal Data

The Company retains Personal Data only for the time strictly necessary for the fulfillment of its contractual obligations and for the fulfillment of the obligations arising for the Company from the relevant legal regulations. Personal data that is processed on the basis of your consent is kept by the Company only for the duration of the purpose for which the consent was granted.
After the expiration of the legal reason on the basis of which your Personal Data is processed, the Company will destroy this Personal Data and all its existing copies.


What can you find here?

This website (hereinafter referred to asWebsite“), Uses cookies and technologies similar to cookies.

In this document you will learn what cookies are and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files that a visited website sends to your browser. Thanks to cookies, the administrator can differentiate you from other users of the Website and more efficiently record information about your visit and behavior on the website. Cookies are not harmful to your device or its software. As a user, you can disable or limit the use of cookies in your browser.

Cookies can be used for many purposes such as:

  • ensuring the functioning of the basic functions of the website
  • save preferred language
  • traffic analysis to improve the site and
  • marketing purposes, in particular displaying advertising on the site

What types of cookies do we use?

Here you will find out what types of cookies we can use on the website. You can find the specific cookies we currently use in your browser settings.

Basic (necessary) cookies

Basic cookies that are necessary for the Website to fulfill its basic functions and to enable us to operate this Website. These cookies are automatically placed on your computer or other device when you access the Website or perform any of the possible activities on the Website. You cannot disable basic cookies. Without them, the Web could not function properly.

Preferential cookies

Preferential cookies allow the Website to remember information that affects the appearance and behavior of the Website. This is, for example, the region in which you are located or your preferred language.

We will store these cookies on your device only if you allow us to do so either using the cookie bar or on your browser.

Analytical cookies

Analytics cookies are mainly used by Google Analytics to find out how you use the Website.

Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how the website is used in order to improve the operation of the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website will be transmitted to and stored by Google, Inc. All data obtained in this way will be processed anonymously. This data is intended solely to evaluate the use of the website. Anonymity is guaranteed that Google, Inc. will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. Google, Inc. no other personal data (eg email, name or phone number) will be sent.

Learn more about how Google, Inc. uses analytical cookies, you can find here:

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Marketing cookies

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Do you want to change cookie settings?

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If you want to change the cookie settings and you do not know the advice, you can also contact us at

How do we process your personal data?

When using cookies, we process the IP address of your device. You can find more information about the processing of your personal data, not only for purposes related to cookies, in the Privacy Policy [please enter the link here].

Rights of data subjects

In connection with the processing of your Personal Data by the Company, you have the following regulations for the protection of Personal Data guaranteed rights:
  1. the right to withdraw consent to the processing of Personal Data if the processing is based on it;
  2. the right to request access to Personal Data and information about which of your Personal Data is processed by the Company;
  3. the right to correct inaccurate Personal Data and, if necessary, to supplement incomplete Personal Data;
  4. the right to delete the processed Personal Data;
  5. the right to restrict the processing of Personal Data;
  6. the right to obtain the Personal Data you have provided to the Company in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and the right to pass such data on to another person;
  7. the right to be informed of a breach of personal data security;
  8. the right to object to the processing of Personal Data; and
  9. the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, ie with the Office for Personal Data Protection, at the address of Lt. Col. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, or a data box to the address qkbaa2n.
The above rights and possible complaints can be exercised with the Company, as a data controller, in writing at the address below or via e-mail to the e-mail address
Štěrboholská 184/28, 102 00 Prague 10
These Principles are valid and effective from 25 May 5.
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