7.1 professional gaming USB headphones game series EVOGEAR third generation.
The dominant feature is the programmable RGB backlight RAINBOW COLOR FLOW and the supplied SW. The headphones are equipped with controls on the left handset and a flexible microphone. There is 7.1 surround sound and surround effects, equalizer, user profiles. Gold-plated USB connector is a matter of course.

Designed for professional and amateur players
The software can be downloaded at www.connectit-europe.com/CHP-7000-BK
RGB backlight in both shells in RAINBOW COLOR FLOW mode
Wide range of settings in the supplied software:
- equalizer on five frequencies corrected ± 12 dB with fast reset preset (60 Hz / 300 Hz / 1200 Hz / 3600 Hz / 120000 Hz)
- possibility to activate 3D sound
- 4 spatial effects (theater, bathroom, living room, hallway) with the possibility of complete shutdown
- Mute function to turn off the microphone completely
- 7.1 surround sound with the option to surround each channel separately and reset to the original settings (subwoofer, center, front left, front right, left, right, rear left and rear right audio channel)
Possibility to save equalizer settings to 4 user profiles
Equalizer active even in surround effects mode
Passive suppression of ambient noise
Special ergonomics and pressure force reducing fatigue even during long-term use
Over Ear construction (earbuds encircle the entire ear from the outside)
Soft, very comfortable PU leather earbuds do not get tired even when listening for many hours
Seashells tilt to the sides for maximum variability (fits on each head)
Control on the left earpiece to control the volume and turn on / off the microphone
Highly sensitive flexible microphone
Gold-plated USB connector
Infinitely adjustable head bridge with soft inner and outer padding made of PU leather
Steel reinforcement of the head bridge for maximum torsional stability
Removable earbuds for easy cleaning
Headphone type: electrodynamic
Headphone frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 Hz
Headphone Impedance: 16 Ohm
Headphone sensitivity: 105 dB ± 3 dB
Headphone size: 50 mm
Omnidirectional microphone characteristics guarantee perfect voice transmission
Microphone frequency range: 15 Hz - 20 Hz
Microphone sensitivity: -42 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone impedance: 2,2 kOhm
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 / and Mac OS X (product features not supported by Mac OS X may not work properly)
2 m power cable
Dimensions (h × w × d): 210 × 190 × 90 mm
Weight including power cable: 350 g
Operating instructions in five languages ​​(English, German, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak)

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