Double Frost BLACK

The well-crafted Double Frost cooling pad is fully compatible with notebooks with a maximum diagonal size of 15,6 inches. The pad is used to cool the notebook not only on hot days, but also in normal use, improves the ergonomics of the computer and its design increases the comfort and convenience of typing. Cooling prevents unpleasant overheating and extends the life of your computer. Thanks to the extremely quiet operation with a power of 24 dB, the pad will not disturb the working environment and two fans with a diameter of 130 mm with a soft blue backlight will sufficiently cool your computer. The fans are powered by USB
The pad ensures both heat dissipation from the notebook and its ventilation openings, as well as direct cooling of the notebook casing thanks to the circulation of cold air and thus increases the overall performance of the notebook.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all laptops up to 15,6 "
Easy installation - just connect the supplied USB-A cable to the notebook
700 rpm
Air flow 40 CFM
Blue LED backlight
Two ultra-quiet fans 13 cm
All-metal cooling grille
Low power consumption

Fan diameter: 2x 13cm with blue LED backlight
Speed: 700 + -10% (RPM) * 2pcs
Noise: 24 dBA
Air flow: 2 * 1,13 m3 / min.
Power supply: USB port (5V DC)
Consumption: 2 * 1,5 W

Black colour
Material: plastic + metal
Compatibility: up to 15 "laptops
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 280 * 320 * 50mm
Weight: g 580

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