FrostWind BLACK

Notebook cooling pad with four six-speed fans, digital display, height adjustment in 4 levels and two USB ports.
The pad ensures both heat dissipation from the notebook and its ventilation openings, as well as direct cooling of the notebook casing thanks to the circulation of cold air and thus increases the overall performance of the notebook. It is fully compatible with notebooks up to 15,6 "in size and, thanks to its compact dimensions, is predestined for work at home and in the office, as well as for travel and frequent portions. Ultra-quiet operation of 4 fans will not disturb you positionability in 4 different levels ensures maximum comfort even during longer work or game sessions.

Compatible with all laptops up to 15,6 "
Fan speed control in 6 stages
Height adjustable in 4 different steps (8 °, 15 °, 19 ° and 22 °)
Tilting laptop support at the bottom of the cooler with a softened inner part for maximum protection of the bottom edge of the laptop
Possibility to set the number of switched on fans (4, 2 large, 2 small, off)
LCD display
- on / off (by pressing the ON / OFF button)
- increasing the fan speed (by pressing the "+" button)
- reducing the fan speed (by pressing the "-" button)
- selection of active fans (holding the ON / OFF button)
All-metal cooling grille
Easy installation - just connect the supplied USB-A cable to the notebook
Optimized extra fine perforation structure for optimal airflow and maximum cooling effect
30 mm wide anti-slip foam feet ensuring maximum stability and cohesion with the work table
Pair of USB-A inputs for powering the pad and other devices (eg mobile phone or power bank)
Any of the USB inputs can be used to charge, for example, a mobile phone even if the pad is switched off with the main switch
2 large and 2 small ultra-quiet fans (2x 12,5 cm and 2x 7 cm)
Blue LED backlight
1200 rpm
Noise: 15 - 20 dBA
Air flow: 56 - 75 CFM
Power supply: USB-A port (5V DC)
USB-A power cable included (length 55 cm)
Material: plastic + metal
Dimensions (W × H × D): 390 × 280 × 28 mm
Weight: g 800
Construction color: black
Cooling pad
USB-A power cable

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