Professional wireless gaming mouse GG SERIES edition for computer game players with silent buttons, side Roller and precise optical sensor PIXAR.
The mouse uses UltraSlides Black technology for the maximum possible speed on the pad and SilentClick technology for the left and right buttons (the buttons do not make any sound when they are clicked). This comfortable mouse with an exceptional design fits comfortably in any hand, so you can enjoy gaming as you please. Your palm will certainly be pleased with the sophisticated ergonomic shape, which enhances the experience of using it even more. Fast and accurate motion detection with settings up to 4000 DPI and a total of 8 buttons including a scroll wheel are a matter of course. The mouse also has a side wheel for horizontal scrolling. The mouse has an effective multi-colored LED backlight that changes smoothly and can be adjusted to 12 modes. This gives the mouse a completely unique look.

Designed for professional and amateur computer game players
PIXART PAW 3212DB optical sensor
SilentClick technology for left and right buttons (buttons make no sound when clicked)
Rozlišení: 1000/1600/2400/3200/4000 DPI
Individual DPI settings indicate a logo color change for 3 seconds (1000-blue, 1600-red, 2400-green, 3200-pink, 4000-yellow)
Special black Teflon rides "UltraSlides BLACK" for maximum mouse glide on any surface
LED backlight with 16.8 million RGB colors
Backlight in 12 color modes with the option of turning it off completely
8 buttons including precision scroll wheel
Side wheel for horizontal movement
Acceleration up to 20G
Polling rate: 250 Hz
Special ergonomics reducing fatigue even during long-term use
High accuracy also ideal for working in graphic editors
SleepMode (automatically goes into standby mode after 8 minutes of inactivity)
On / Off switch to turn off the mouse completely to save battery power
Mouse battery: Li-pol 500 mAh
Battery life: up to 70 hours (without backlight)
Charging time to full capacity: 150 minutes
USB-C power port on the front of the mouse, allows you to charge and use the mouse at the same time
Length of the braided mouse power cable (USB-A › USB-C): 150 cm
2,4 GHz USB-A mini receiver with a range of up to 10 m (USB 2.0 interface)
Easy Plug & Play installation without the need to install and download drivers (just connect the USB receiver to the USB port of a computer or laptop)
Dual compatibility with Microsoft Windows & MacOS
Dimensions (l × w × h): 125 x 85 x 51 mm
Weight: g 122
USB-A › USB-C premium braided cable
Operating Instructions

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