A delicacy for all gamers who like good style and want to represent their player identity to their surroundings. A stylish black cap with a white motif and raised embroidery of the popular DOODLE game series from the CONNECT IT brand will certainly help them in this. In addition, thanks to the precise workmanship, the cap will be love for the first time.
Comfort and style As the right snapback, it also has the option of adjusting the size through the rear plastic strap, so it fits perfectly for both a child and an adult man or woman. The visor is perfectly straight and the reinforced panels of the crown guarantee that the cap does not lose its shape, moreover, thanks to its full coverage of the scalp and nape, it is also great for wearing in the autumn months. The cap is suitable for all occasions, and when they tell you otherwise in the theater, don't listen to them and go your own way.

Size: universal
Material: cotton / polyester

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