Professional gaming keyboard BIOHAZARD series for computer game players in Czech and Slovak layout with colorful rainbow backlight and five-level backlight intensity control. There are 10 multimedia keys.

Designed for professional and amateur computer game players
CZ + SK version
Colorful RAINBOW backlight
5-stage backlight intensity control
Possibility to switch off the backlight completely
10 multimedia keys:
- Web browser
- e-mail client
- search
- this computer
- calculator
- previous track
- Another clue
- play / pause
- volume (+)
- volume (-)
Win-Lock (Windows key lock when playing games to prevent accidental invocation of the Windows menu)
Classic keyboard layout
19 Anti-ghost keys to prevent misinterpretation of multiple keystrokes at once
Easy Plug & Play installation without the need to download drivers and without the need to install software
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 / and Mac OS X (product features not supported by Mac OS X may not work properly)
Cord Length: 180 cm
Dimensions (l × h × h): 490 x 220 x 40 mm
Weight including cable: 770 g
Operating Instructions

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