NotePower Lenovo 65W BLACK

CONNECT IT Lenovo 65W Notebook Adapter. Universal power adapter for Lenovo laptops. The LED indicates that the adapter is working properly. The adapter is equipped with surge, overcurrent and short circuit protections that prevent damage to your notebook, and thanks to its compact dimensions, you can always take it with you and power your notebook whenever you need it.
Adequate replacement for the original 45 W adapters Lenovo ADLX45NLC3, ADLX45NDC3A, ADLX45NCC3A, 0C19880, 59370508, ADLX45NLC3A Compatible with Thinkpad X300S, X301S, X230S, S230U, S3, S5, T240, T240, X440, X440 , T440P, E431, E440 Compatible with notebooks Lenovo Yoga 540, Yoga 540S, Yoga 431, Z531, Z13, K11, K2, K505, K580A, V2450U, Z4450, Z4350, Z4350, Z4400, S410, S505, S510P, S710 , G405, G410 adequate substitute for the original 410 W adapters Lenovo ADLX500NDC490A, ADLX400NDC500A, ADLX65NLC65A, ADLX2NCC65A, ADLX3NLC65A, ADLX3NCC65A, 3N65, 2N65, 2N45, 0254N45, 0495N45, 0497N45, 0478A45, 0480A45, 0256A0, 36258A0, 36270A0, 36272A0, 36262A0, 36264A0, 36261A0, 36271A0, 36265A0, 36273A0, 36266A0, 36259A0, 36260A0, 36268A0, 36263A0, 36262A0, 36269A0, 36268A0 Compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad E36265 0EY36267BUS laptop

Ultra-compact design
Output power: 65 W
Automatic adjustment with LED indicator
Input cable length: 120 cm
Output cable length: 120 cm
Dimensions: 109 × 49 × 21 mm
Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.5 A AC
Output: 20 V DC
Overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection

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