WiFast wireless charger with support for 10 W fast charging and blue attractive backlight with Micro USB power input (1 m cable included).
Wireless charging allows you to charge your phone by simply placing it on the charger, without having to connect the power cord to your phone. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction between two coils, with one coil located in the phone itself and the other in a wireless charger. The surface of the charger is equipped with four anti-slip pads that prevent phones with glass backs from slipping out of the charger.

Wireless charging (just place the phone on the charger)
Compatible with all phones and headphones with wireless Qi charging support (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.)
Support for 10 W Qi Fast-Charge (1,4x faster charging compared to standard wireless chargers saves up to 50 minutes)
Universal wireless output with 5 / 7,5 / 10 W charging support
Possibility of recharging even through common mobile phone cases
Support for omnidirectional mobile phone placement on the charger
The Smart IC detects the current demand of the connected devices and automatically redistributes the current in order to charge in the fastest possible way
Blue backlight around the entire charger circuit
Blue backlight of CONNECT IT logo
Intelligent LED indication:
- after starting charging, a permanent blue backlight is activated
- in the event of a charging error, the blue backlight flashes
- in idle status, the backlight is automatically switched off
Micro USB power input
Micro-USB / USB-A power cable included (length 1 m)
Input: DC 5 V (2 A), DC 9 V (1,67 A)
Anti-slip base with 4 rubber anti-slip feet
Slim design (height only 6 mm)
Ultralight construction (weight only 50 g)
CE, EMC, RoHS certification
Dimensions (W × D × H): 100 × 100 × 6 mm
Weight: g 50
Black colour
Wireless charger
Micro-USB / USB-A power cable

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