USB microphone with table arm and POP filter ideal for recording voice, sounds and noises, playing games, streaming, chatting (Messenger, Skype, etc.), karaoke
Telescopic arm with a spring mechanism and three joints for easy adjustment of the height and angle of the microphone, which is resonantly mounted in the holder. The diameter of the POP filter of 15 cm provides perfect protection and prolongs the life of the microphone.

Designed for mounting on a table top up to 4,5 cm thick
For professional and home amateur use
Telescopic arm with spring mechanism and three joints for easy adjustment of microphone height and angle
Possibility of fixing the height and angle adjustment of the arm using a tightening butterfly screw
Parallelogram arm mechanism with two springs
Possibility of fixing the microphone angle on the shoulder
Resonance-free hanging mount of the microphone body in the holder
Robust metal microphone protection grille with internal sound-permeable PUR foam protecting the pickup section
Foam microphone protection filter included
150 mm protective round POP filter (POP Killer)
POP filter function:
- significantly extends the life of the microphone (protects against the penetration of droplets on the sensitive sensing part of the microphone)
- prevents blowing into the microphone and thus the formation of so-called wind rustling in the resulting sound recording / stream
- suppresses extreme changes of acoustic pressures in explosive sounds and syllables (eg p, b, t, ř, hiss, etc.)
- improves the resulting quality of the audio recording / stream
POP filter material made of highly sound-permeable fabric in two layers with a protective air gap
POP filter mounted on a flexible gooseneck with a robust steel casing and the possibility of setting the position for each user individually
Possibility to use a microphone with a POP filter and without a POP filter
Material: steel with anodized abrasion-resistant surface
Frequency range: 20 Hz - 16 kHz
Sensitivity: -38 dB ± 2 dB
Impedance: 150 Ohm
Maximum sound pressure level: 132 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 78 dB
Special cardioid directional characteristic for noise suppression (eliminates unwanted sounds coming outside the main direction of the microphone)
Power supply: USB connector (DC 5 V, 100 mA)
Cable length: 2,5 m
Universal compatibility of operating systems (Windows and Mac OS)
Microphone dimensions (l × w × h): 152 x 47 x 44 mm
Max. arm length: 700 mm
Weight of separate microphone (without accessories): 208 g
Total weight (microphone + arm + POP filter): 1060 g
Black colour
Table arm
Microphone mount
Protective filter
POP filter
USB cable
Operating instructions (English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian)

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