Monaco Pro GRAY

Top gaming chair with ergonomic shell shape and upholstery made of high quality fabric, which in combination with a steel frame guarantees long life and wear resistance in everyday computer games.
It excels in luxurious workmanship, modern ergonomic design and very stable construction. Numerous settings suit every character. The design has been specially designed for long-term sitting and also enables ordinary work at home and in the office. Ideal for many hours of playing without compromise.

Ergonomically shaped shell
Ergonomic padding
Stable and safe construction
Thanks to the multiple settings, it adapts to each character
High-quality, high-density foam guarantees comfortable seating
Rocking mechanism with adjustable stiffness according to the user's weight
Easy control of adjustable elements
5-arm chassis with five universal castors for each surface
Castors with DoubleWheel construction and independent IndependentWheel bearing (each consists of two independently swivel castors)
Rubber coating of the wheels guarantees universal use on hard floors as well as carpets and special game mats
Armrests with non-slip rubberized surface
Rotates around its axis by 360 °
Infinitely adjustable seat height (49 - 56,5 cm)
Infinitely adjustable backrest inclination at an angle of up to 180 °
Adjustable armrest height (7 positions)
Adjustable armrest direction (3 fixed positions)
Removable neck rest for maximum comfort of the cervical spine (eliminates pain behind the neck from a long session)
Detachable lumbar support with height adjustment along the entire length of the spine for maximum comfort (eliminates back pain from long sitting)
Surface resistant to common dirt with emphasis on easy maintenance and cleaning
Upholstery material: fabric
Internal construction material: steel
Material of the five-arm base: steel
Dimensions of the chair in the lowest position of the seat (width × depth × height): 69 × 70 × 121,5 cm
Dimensions of the chair in the highest position of the seat (width × depth × height): 69 × 70 × 129 cm
Seat dimensions (width × depth): 53 × 51,5 cm
Backrest height: 80 cm
Weight: 20,2 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg
Color version: gray-black

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