StandingMat BLACK

Anti-fatigue foot pad for maximum comfort and support of the whole body and joints. Universal design for use in offices, shops, receptions or at home in a home office.
The mat is specially developed to alleviate the health consequences of prolonged standing, which can be cardiovascular problems (swelling of the legs and the formation of varicose veins) or orthopedic problems (spine, hip, knee and foot pain). The soft PU foam and special surface force you to make constant small movements that maintain good blood circulation and correct posture. Movements that you don't even know about support the muscular skeleton and allow you to assume a comfortable working position that does not put so much strain on the human musculoskeletal system.

Ideal for standing work
Soft PU foam for comfort and support of the whole body and joints
It relieves the joints and promotes blood circulation to the muscles
Non-slip material for greater stability
Dimensions: 890x490x15 mm
Weight: 1,85 kg
Black colour

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