ForHealth Overball 25 cm, GRAY

A small rehabilitation ball intended for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and exercise. You can use its services not only in the gym, but also at home, in the office or in means of transport.
The ForHealth Overball is an ideal exercise aid suitable for everyone. It can be used for core strengthening exercises, limb strengthening or rehabilitation and breathing exercises. The ergonomic shape of the overball is suitable for correcting incorrect sitting, which is a very common cause of pain in the lower back.

Universal exercise aid
Supports correct posture
Ideal for different types of exercise
Non-slip, damage-resistant surface
Practical size also suitable for travel
Diameter: 25 cm
Grey color
Instructions for Use:
1. Remove the ForHealth Overball from its protective packaging.
2. Remove the plastic cap from the inflation hole.
3. Put the inflatable hole to your mouth or use the included tube and gradually inflate the overball to the desired strength.
4. After reaching the required strength, close the hole again with a plastic cap.
Inflatable tube

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