InCarz 4Strong360 BLACK

Do you decide where and how to mount a mobile phone in a car and at the same time comply with traffic and safety regulations? The universal magnetic car holder attaches to the mobile phone in the ventilation grille and allows its comfortable and trouble-free use while driving without obstructing the driver's view from the vehicle. Four extra strong magnets keep the phone on the holder even with significant uneven roads and high speeds of up to 350 km / h.
The position in the ventilation grille meets the safety conditions for placing a mobile phone in a car, where the phone does not obstruct the driver's view. Installation is very simple - just slide the holder into the ventilation grille and stick a metal contact plate on the phone (or hide it under the phone cover) and you're done. Then all you have to do is bring the phone closer to the holder with its back and, due to the magnetic force, it locks itself on the holder. The holder offers the same stability in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Compatible with all mobile phones regardless of size, diagonal and weight
Attached to the car's ventilation grille
360 ° joint for omnidirectional adjustment
Tightening nuts in the rear for quick and comfortable adjustment to the optimal viewing angle
4 extra strong N45 class magnets with above-average size (12 × 4 mm)
The magnets keep the phone in the holder even with significant uneven road surfaces and high speeds of up to 350 km / h
It consists of two main parts - the holder itself and two versions of metal plates, which are either glued directly to the back of the phone or inserted into the case of the mobile phone
The self-adhesive plate uses the original 3M sticker with extra strong adhesion and long life resistant to low and high temperatures
Unified size of metal plates 40 × 58,5 mm guarantees comfortable contact of the phone with a magnetic holder and compatibility with all phones
The delivery includes two transparent self-adhesive foils preventing damage to the surface of the mobile phone by metal plates
For phones with a metal back, there is no need to use metal contact pads
Compatible with all ventilation grilles thanks to two different bracket pitches (2 mm & 4 mm)
Compatible with all mobile phone cases up to 2 mm thick
Possibility of vertical and horizontal orientation of the mobile phone
The so-called invisible attachment (thanks to the articulated construction, the holder under the phone is not visible and does not disturb the design of the car interior in any way)
Anti-slip rubberized surface treatment with anti-dust properties (eliminates dust sticking to the holder in the car)
Maximum elimination of mobile phone vibrations in the holder thanks to a strong anti-vibration surface contact layer
Convenient placement of the phone in the holder and its removal with one hand
Possibility of seamless connection of the charging cable to the mobile phone
Dimensions (W × H × D): 37 × 44 × 60 mm
Weight: g 49
Magnetic holder
Self-adhesive 3M metal plate for direct gluing on a mobile phone or its packaging
Metal non-stick plate intended for insertion under the cover of a mobile phone
Protective self-adhesive foil (2 pieces)

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