Recenze Emergency autonabíječky Connect IT: Kromě nabíjení vám dokáže zachránit život

Source: www.letemsvetemapplem.eu
" Od ostatních autonabíječek se totiž liší tím, že nabízí speciální hrot pro rozbití okna, společně s čepelí, díky které můžete prořezat zaseknutý pás. Tato autonabíječka vám může v určitých situacích zachránit život..."

Review of the Connect IT Battle Air gaming mouse: Great design and ergonomics

Source: www.letemsvetemapplem.eu
"Players often keep the mouse in their pieces for several hours, so comfort and ergonomics are very important. I must say that the Connect IT Battle Air mouse surprised me a lot ..."

Review of the Connect IT CEP-9100 wireless headphones

Source: www.letemsvetemapplem.eu
"In today's review, we'll take a look at the Connect IT CEP-9100 wireless in-ear earphones, which will cost you a thousand crowns. Will it pay off, or would you do better if you hit a few hundred ...?"

Review of the vertical ergonomic mouse Connect IT CMO-2600-BK

Source: www.letemsvetemapplem.eu
"Probably the most interesting thing about the whole mouse is its processing. This is not a typical mouse, but a specially shaped ergonomic product. crossing of tendons and bones or compression of the middle nerve in the wrist ... "

Review: CONNECT IT For Health Vertical

Source: www.czc.cz
"Plastic parts do not bend or throw anywhere, on the contrary, the rodent gives a relatively durable impression. The matching of individual parts is without any mistake, which is quite surprising given the rodent's more favorable price tag. On the other hand, CONNECT IT is no beginner in computer peripherals. . "

How to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome? The physiotherapist Ivana Koldová answered

Source: www.tyden.cz
"What are you at risk of having a sedentary job? What problems does everyday computer work cause? C is carpal tunnel syndrome and how to avoid it ...?"

Another winner of the Russian television battle of Pavel Novotný? Connect IT and its product placement

Source: www.focus-age.cz
"Is it important to promote a gaming chair through the mayor of a small part of the city and shoot a spot with it on the radio, even though he doesn't understand it very well? Yes, if it's Pavel Novotný."


Do you know how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? So read on

Source: www.reflex.com
"It may seem trivial, but the opposite is a fact. The pain doesn't stop even at rest. Sometimes it can even get worse when it is at rest. At present, this disease is even one of the most common occupational diseases ..."

TEST: Friend in the rain. What is the magic of wireless-wired headphones?

Source: www.isport.blesk.com
"If you're looking for something cheap to play music that will serve you solidly in sports, you may have just found ..."

CONNECT IT introduces a keyboard with which you can literally control the entire state (April)

Source: www.czc.cz
"The icing on the cake is the complete personalization of the keys adapted to the most used political statements and prompt reactions in the media space. The layout is partly in Chinese and Russian, which greatly facilitates international communication. since the news promises international success and increased sausage sales by 30%. ... "
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