Professional mat for the NEO game series, also designed for amateur use. The pad has a soft, comfortable surface. With a playing area of ​​800 × 300 mm, you will never run out of space. The big advantage is the rubberized non-slip underside and antistatic surface, on which every mouse will ride without any problems. The material has been designed to repel water and dirt. The pad has stitched edges with RGB backlight. In the left part of the pad there is a control panel, thanks to which you can choose from up to 11 color modes.
The positive and stylish CONNECT IT NEO pad will reflect the positive features of your mouse. The modern material from which the pad is made provides the mouse with a well-readable base even for the finest laser scanning. The two-layer material combining anti-slip on the bottom and ideal properties for mice on the top significantly deserves the ideal ratio between mouse control and glide. The pad is powered by a braided micro USB cable, which is included in the package. An integral part of this series is also a sheet of promo stickers "CONNECT IT NEO"

Designed for professional and amateur computer game players
The Large size (800 × 300 mm) does not restrict the movement of the mouse on the pad
RGB illumination of the edges of the pad
11 color modes:
- Breathing (effect of breathing colors in order - red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, yellow, white)
- Dual color breathing (effect of 2 breathing colors in order - red and blue, blue and green, cabbage and purple, purple and turquoise, turquoise and yellow, yellow and white, white and red)
- Red (full-area effect of one color)
- Blue (full color effect of one color)
- Green (full color effect of one color)
- Purple (full-area effect of one color)
- Turquoise (full-area effect of one color)
- Yellow (full-area effect of one color)
- White (full color effect of one color)
- Seamless dual color (2 color gradient effect)
- Seamless (effect of a continuous gradient of colors in order - red, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple)
ON / OFF switch used to switch color modes at the same time
Power supply via Micro USB port integrated in the pad
Detachable USB-A -> Micro USB cable (included)
Premium cable braid
Flexible construction allowing the pad to be rolled up and easily transported to gaming events (after unpacking, it quickly returns to its original shape)
Slim design (height only 3 mm)
Suitable for all types of mice (laser, optical and mechanical)
A two-layer material developed especially for the needs of players to prevent the pad from crouching in front of the mouse
High surface accuracy is also ideal for working in graphic editors
A surface woven from a fine fabric with a very easily removable structure for the finest work of mouse sensors
Matt surface design guaranteeing fast response and high accuracy of mouse sensors
Antistatic surface treatment
Water and dirt repellent surface
Low absorbency of the material prevents sweating of hands
Optimized surface slipperiness
The non-slip rubber base with a very high adhesion value eliminates slipping on the table
Stitched edges stabilize the shape of the pad and guarantee its longer life without fraying the edges
The package includes a sheet of promo stickers "CONNECT IT NEO"
Also available in other sizes
Material: textile + rubber
Cable Length: 145 cm
Dimensions (d × h × h): 800 × 300 × 3 mm
Weight: g 640
Braided micro USB cable
Arch of promo stickers "CONNECT IT NEO"

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