Professional wireless gaming mouse DOODLE 3 for computer game players with Rainbow backlit body and wheels in a mix of 7 colors. The supplied software with numerous settings supports user macros, 5 user profiles and 6 programmable buttons, including a scroll wheel. The precision optical sensor has an adjustable sensitivity of up to 4800 DPI.
The mouse uses technologies like Surface RubberGrip to eliminate palm glide, UltraSlides Black travels for maximum speed on the mat. Battery-saving AutoPowerSave technology is also available. The software is free to download at Huano's state-of-the-art mechanical switches with a lifespan of 3 million clicks guarantee high durability. A gold-plated USB Nano receiver and the supplied charging cable are a matter of course.

Designed for professional and amateur computer game players
Weighs only 82 g thanks to maximizing playing time without wrist pain
Rainbow LED backlight in the entire area of ​​the mouse and scroll wheel (gradual breathing of the mix of 7 colors)
PIXART 3212 optical sensor
Optional sensitivity of the optical sensor in 5 levels (800/1200/1600/2400/4800 DPI)
High accuracy also ideal for working in graphic editors
5 programmable user profiles
6 programmable buttons including scroll wheel
Support for user macros on all buttons incl. scroll wheel
Special all-over anti-slip surface treatment RubberGrip for maximum grip effective even for sweaty hands
Rubber wheel for more precise scrolling
2,4 GHz USB-A mini receiver with a range of up to 10 m (USB 2.0 interface)
Gold-plated receiver for maximum connectivity without transient resistances in the connector
Special black Teflon rides "UltraSlides BLACK" for maximum mouse glide on any surface
HUANO mechanical switches with a guaranteed life of 3 million clicks
15 options for user redefining the functions of all 6 buttons incl. sliding wheel in supplied SW:
- Click
- Double Click
- Combo Key (combination of two keys with one click = any combination of CTRL, SHIFT, ALT and WIN keys with another key)
- Keyboards Keys (possibility to set the repetition of any key character in the number of 1-20 per click)
- Mouse Click (possibility to set repetition of left and right buttons and wheels in the number of 1-20 per click)
- Edit (copy, cut, new, open, paste, print, redo, save, select All, undo, CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, WIN)
- Multimedia (Media Player, previous track, next track, Play / Pause, Stop, Mute, Volume +, Volume -)
- Windows (My Computer, Mail, Home, www, Close Windows, Search, Maximized, Minimized, File, Show Desktop, Run)
- DPI Level
- Disable
- right-click
- middle click
- move forward
- movement backwards
- macro function
Storage space at the bottom of the mouse for a USB Nano receiver, ideal for transport and travel
Extra settings options in SW:
- wheel scrolling speed in 10 levels with the possibility of setting scrolling across the entire pages / screens
- reduction of the indicator speed in 5 levels
- increase of the indicator speed in 5 levels
- increase the acceleration / accuracy of the indicator
- visibility of the indicator in 5 levels
- displaying the pointer trace
- reset to factory settings
Integrated Li-pol battery (capacity 600 mAh)
Operating time up to 70 hours
Charging time to full capacity: 120 minutes
Optical charging indication:
- blue wheel backlight = charging in progress
- turn off the blue wheel backlight = fully charged
AutoPowerSave technology for switching to battery saving mode (after 8 minutes of inactivity)
On / Off switch to turn off the mouse completely to save battery power
Micro USB charging port on the front of the mouse
USB-A -> Micro USB cable included (length 1,5 m)
Standard (factory) button settings:
- left button = left click
- right button = right click
- wheel = scroll
- top button = change DPI
- side front button = forward
- side rear button = back
Easy Plug & Play installation without the need to install and download drivers (just connect the USB receiver to the USB port of a computer or laptop)
Universal compatibility between Windows and Mac OS (product features not supported by Mac OS may not work properly)
Dimensions (l × w × h): 115 x 64 x 37 mm
Weight without USB mini receiver: 82 g
Weight including USB mini receiver: 84 g
USB mini receiver
USB-A charging cable -> Micro USB
Operating Instructions
Promo sticker "DOODLE 3"
Free software downloads at

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