PocketBook 624/626 WHITE

Hard protective case for PocketBook 624/626 electronic book reader (Basic Touch, Touch Lux 2, Touch Lux 3)
Firm, secure and fast snapping of the reader into the solid inner shell prevents the reader from falling out of the case in any position Special hard insert pressed into the front protects the display from scratches, impacts and weather Inner microfiber lining prevents scratching the display by the case Front cover rotates 360 ° allows comfortable reading in one hand (just open and flip) Magnet closure prevents accidental opening during carrying Very pleasant softened surface with anti-slip finish

Compatible with PocketBook 624/626 versions (Basic Touch, Touch Lux 2, Touch Lux 3)
Easy to clean (the surface of the case material is very resistant to dirt)
The bottom slot for the On / Off button, MicroSD card slot and charging connector allows you to connect a cable with an atypically large terminal
Ideal for frequent carrying
Low weight
Dimensions (W × H × D): 124 × 177 × 14 mm
Weight: g 95
Color: white (this model is also available in 5 other colors)

PocketBook 624 (Basic Touch)
PocketBook 626 (Touch Lux 2)
PocketBook 626 (Touch Lux 3)

Also available in colors:

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