Chocolate RNBW BLACK

The keyboard is designed for home use as well as for high-load professional use in offices and companies. CZ + SK localization (Czech and Slovak characters)
In addition to the classic functions, the keyboard has 12 multimedia keys, which are especially suitable for the office environment. Its white backlight allows you to work even late in low light. The pleasant ergonomic tilt of the keyboard helps against wrist fatigue during long work sessions.

Classic layout of low profile keys
Long BACKSPACE key to the width of two standard keys
Long SHIFT key to the width of the two standard keys on either side of the keyboard
Rainbow (RNBW) color backlit keys (green, yellow, red, purple, blue)
Backlight on / off key
Possibility to switch off the backlight completely
Specially modified construction of buttons and diaphragm for quiet and soft operation
Increased durability and longevity of keys
Increased durability of key prints when typing with long nails
Membrane technology resistant to dirt
USB 2.0 connector backward compatible with USB 1.1
Rubberized anti-slip front legs
Easy Plug & Play installation without the need to install and download drivers (just connect to the USB port of a computer or laptop)
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 / and Mac OS X (product features not supported by Mac OS X may not work properly)
Cord Length: 150 cm
Input voltage: 5 V
Input current: <50 mA
Recommended maximum operating temperature range: 0 - 40 ° C
Dimensions (d × h × h): 439 × 127 × 28 mm
Weight without cable: 480 g
Weight including cable: 507 g
Black colour
Operating Instructions

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