Professional gaming keyboard Battle series for computer game players in Czech and Slovak layout with a total of 11 modes of color RGB backlight and seven-level backlight intensity control. There are 12 multimedia keys, rich software and a gold-plated USB connector. Comes with a "Battle Series" promo sticker.
In addition to the standard functions, it offers 26 anti-ghost keys, which prevent misinterpretation when pressing multiple keys at once. User software that takes the versatility of this keyboard to the next level is available for free download at Using the mentioned software, you can create custom macros, change the backlight and reprogram the keys according to your needs, and all this can be stored in 5 different profiles. Of course, this series has a premium braid of the power cable and a gold-plated USB connector.

Designed for professional and amateur computer game players
CZ + SK version
Software for free download
Color variable RGB LED backlight for all keys and characters for use in the evening, at night or in general in poor lighting conditions
A total of 11 color backlight modes (10x dynamic RGB + 1x solid static)
10 color RGB backlight modes:
- Comet Storm (6 speeds & 7 degrees of intensity) - a full-area effect reminiscent of a wandering comet. The direction and color can be set in the software.
- Againts the Stream (6 speeds & 7 degrees of intensity) - a full-area color effect combining static color and color advancing wave. The direction and color can be set in the software.
- Water Flow (6 speeds & 7 degrees of intensity) - color effect of the advancing wave. Direction and colors can be set in the software.
- Blitz (6 speeds) - full-area effect of blinking 2 colors, which will change to another over time. The colors that will appear in this effect can be changed in the software.
- Eight Heavenly Breaths (6 speeds) - a full-area exhalation effect in which the color changes after every eighth "breath". The colors that will appear in this effect can be changed in the software.
- Static RNBW - static full-area backlight with RNBW effect - purple, red, green and blue.
- Breathing (6 speeds) - the effect of full-area color breath with the possibility of choosing colors using software.
- Trigger (6 speeds & 7 degrees of intensity) - a full-area effect that is triggered when a key is pressed. The color, direction and type of reaction can be adjusted in the software.
- Neon (6 speeds) - full-area effect of changing colors.
- RNBW Flow (6 speeds) - full-area effect of intertwining color waves. The direction of the effect can be changed in the software.
1 static monochrome backlight mode:
- Color (7 levels of intensity) - full-area backlight in one of six colors (red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, yellow or white). The color can be changed using the FN + Insert key or set in the software.
Possibility to switch off the backlight completely
6-stage speed control of the RGB effect
7-step light intensity control
The software allows:
- creating user profiles
- switching between user profiles
- creation of user macros
- switching of the LED backlight of the keyboard with the possibility of complete switch-off
- key modification
12 multimedia keys:
- music player
- volume (decrease)
- volume (increase)
- muting the sound
- stop
- previous track
- play / pause
- next track
- email
- Internet browser home page
- lock the entire keypad
- calculator
Win-Lock (Windows key lock when playing games to prevent accidental invocation of the Windows menu)
Classic keyboard layout
Possibility to reset WASD keys to arrow pointers
26 Anti-ghost keys to prevent misinterpretation of multiple keystrokes at once
Power cable with premium braid
Gold-plated USB connector for maximum connectivity
Easy Plug & Play installation
Universal compatibility between Windows and Mac OS (product features not supported by Mac OS may not work properly)
Cord Length: 180 cm
Dimensions (l × h × h): 470 x 165 x 35 mm
Weight including cable: 638 g
Operating Instructions
Promo sticker "Battle Series"

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