WirezDouble USB-A -> USB-C

Charging and data transfer cable (USB-C - USB-A) in a package of 2 pieces with support for ultra-fast charging with a current of 3 A

Charges USB-C (USB Type-C) devices and also allows you to transfer and sync data, photos and music at the same time
Length 1 m
Surface insulation guarantees high flexibility and durability
High-quality core material with a sufficient overall cross-section enables fast charging and smooth data transfer
USB-C (USB Type-C) and USB 3.0 connectors
Guaranteed transfer rate of 5 Gbps
Max. current: 3 A
Standard: USB 3.1 Gen 1
RoHS certification
Number of pieces in package: 2 pc
White color

Also available in color:

Compatible with all devices with a USB-C port, sometimes referred to as USB-Type C (eg Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, LG, Xiaomi mobile phones, etc.)

Technical specification according to AWG (American Wire Gauge):
24AWG*1C+24AWG*2C+32AWG*1P+32AWG*2P+AL+B+PVC, OD3.8mm

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