InCarz TabHold Middle SILVER

Universal car holder for tablets and phones in sizes 6-14", which you simply install between the backrests of the seats in the car.
The holder has adjustable clamps and silicone tips, so you don't have to worry about scratching your device while on the go. The spherical head of the holder allows rotation within a range of 360 degrees. The holder is made of high-quality aluminum and plastic in an elegant black color design. There is no need to use any tools to install it, so you can easily handle the attachment. Compatible with most tablets and phones from 6" to 14".

Quick and easy installation
Designed to be installed between the headrests of car seats
Adjustable pliers and silicone tips
360 ° rotation allows you to rotate horizontally or vertically
Span for installation between headrests: 500-750 mm
Span of the pliers for holding the phone/tablet: 140-290 mm
Material: aluminum and plastic
Weight: g 300

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